Progress To Date

Progress to Date Significant progress has already been made to prepare the site for future redevelopment. This includes:

  • November 2017 – target date for completion of the former Coryton Oil Refinery demolition programme.

  • The demolition of one of the refinery chimneys in November 2016, with the retention of another to serve as a landmark for the future Thames Enterprise Park.

  • Planning consent was granted in April 2017 for the remediation and decontamination of circa 114 acres of the site.

Remembering Coryton

The former Coryton Oil Refinery was the region’s largest independent oil refinery.

Commissioned in 1953 until its closure in 2012, the site employed thousands of local people, refining crude oil into petrol, diesel, kerosene and other fuels.

We invite anyone with information on what it was like to work at the site to get in touch and share their experience or stories with us so we might share them on this consultation website.

The investment in Thames Oilport and the future plans for Thames Enterprise Park will clean up this important industrial legacy site and accommodate a variety of job-creating businesses.